Air conditioning systems needs regular attention to keep them in peak condition

These days, most cars come with some form of air conditioning or climate control. These systems use a special gas to cool and clean the air which in turn helps control the temperature within the vehicle.

Over time the system can lose gas, become contaminated or filters become saturated, which can cause the system to become inefficient or fail completely.

To avoid costly repairs and complete system failure, we recommend air conditioning units are serviced regularly, just like other vehicle parts.

Our air conditioning service removes all the harmful bacteria that can build up within the air conditioning system. It works by circulating a special cleaner through all air intakes and venting systems this service removes any unpleasant smells, leaving your car interior smelling clean and fresh.

This process will ensure that your air conditioning system is working to its full potential.

We recommend that this service is carried out once a year in order to keep your air conditioning system as clean as possible.

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